The DIDDI Project directly addresses the labor needs of tomorrow by encouraging the development of the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians (STEM) required to build excellence in southern Ontario's knowledge-based economy; specifically, we do that by fostering interest, STEM-subject competency and big, creative thinking among young women, immigrant youth and racialized youth from low income and 'prioritized' communities. These are young people that do not see themselves strongly represented in the STEM labor force.



THE Dolobox Television initiative

The Dolobox Television Initiative is a mentor based program through which a group of youth, who have an affinity to the media arts, will conceive, plan and develop media content.  From a practical standpoint, Dolobox presents a unique opportunity to be creative, expressive and entrepreneurial through diverse facets of media art production with the guidance of mentors.



Educate. communicate. inspire

This project aims to create dialogue and raise awareness of the International Covenant on economic, Social and Cultural Rights and social justice amongst Canadian ethnocultural youth using outreach and new media.


Education through media Startup Labs

A multi-faceted startup space in downtown Toronto, the startup labs serves the needs of high potential young entrepreneurs, and advances the technology and digital media startup ecosystem in Toronto. Our laboratory is not only the place in which to collaborate, but also to take advantage of a new kind of learning-by-doing. Through our curriculum, entrepreneurs will receive a pragmatic and multi disciplinary education at the intersection of design, technology and entrepreneurship.