Since 2007, we have supported youth to grow and develop in fields defined by curiosity, innovation and change.


Our Mission

To reach disenfranchised youth by promoting self-engagement in the social issues they face.


Is of a future where no youth is excluded from from innovative, dynamic fields of work and play, and where any young person can see themselves represented in all industries. Regardless of where they grow up, who their parents are, their gender, colour, wealth or any other factor. We want youth to dream big. We provide youth with the skills and tools they'll need to make their dreams a reality.

Education Through Media has helped me learn to code and find a great job.
— Selena Vincent, DIDDI Project Student

What We've Achieved

  • Graduated hundreds of students from our workshops.
  • Helped hundreds of students find jobs.
  • Created youth focused startup incubator and co working space
  • Created national television platform for young media artists and content creators
  • Created content creation space and provided high end technology to hundreds of toronto youth.